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Incredible Art Collection by Mei Lanfang

9:00 AM EDT |Thursday, January 12, 2023

Mei Lanfang was the first Chinese artist to spread Beijing Opera to various countries, inspiring cultural exchanges in Japan, the United States, and many other regions. This new year, Charlottes Auctions is honored to present a phenomenal collection of Mei Lanfang, including various intricate ceramics, porcelains as well as an exclusive selection of paintings.


This stunning collection covers various intricate Buddhist Artifacts, Tianhuang, Ceramics, Porcelains, Paintings, calligraphy, and Jade that were provided by various cosigners around the world. You do not miss this wonderful opportunity to buy or bid on this curated selection of Asian fine art and works of art.


Visit and stay updated with our latest news. Should you have any questions about our lots, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Please explore all that Charlottes Auctions has to offer. We hope you enjoy this fabulous artwork journey.


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